Dry Ice Blasting

The method of dry ice blasting is, in many ways, different from other methods such as for example: glass blasting, brushing, sand blasting or using strong chemicals for cleaning.

One of many benefits of the dry ice blasting is the lack of moisture during the cleaning process, swiftness and thoroughness of cleaning due to the fact that dry ice can easily reach places which are difficult to access; no any chemical substances are used that could damage the surface structure because dry ice has no abrasive properties and that is why it does not damage the cleaned surfaces, it only removes grime.


The method of dry ice blasting uses kinetic energy – supersonic speed of dry ice granules (300m/s) in contact with the treated surface damages the structure of the grime. The low temperature of -78 degrees Celsius causes so called thermal shock creating cracks between the surface and the layer of grime. At the moment of the blast, the dry ice changes its state from a solid into a gas. During this process the volume of the dry ice increases over 750 times, which makes the grime come off the surface completely.